Air Cargo


Air cargo shipping has many advantages, e.g. time efficient, high accuracy, etc... Some precision instruments, high-value cargo and sea food are usually shipped by air. However, the cost of air cargo is much more higher than ocean and truck load.

About The Rate

  • Air cargo shipping charge are calculated by it’s gross weight, unit KG.
  • The regular maximum weight and dimension of each piece is 80KG and 40x60x100CM. For a wide-bodied aircraft, it allows bigger size cargo, the maximum weight and dimension can be 250KG and 250x200x160CM. Moreover, the sum total if it’s length, width and height cannot less than 40CM.
  • For the light cargo, the volume of every 1KG is exceed 6000CM³, every 6000CM³ will equal 1KG.

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Publish Date:2014-02-14