Road Transport

1) Road transport is mainly in short-distance transport. Short-haul transportation is within 50 km, half-way transport haul of 50 to 300 km.

2) Road transport link to other modes of transport, namely other transport modes (such as rail, sea or air) when major (long-distance) transport way, the starting point by road transport is responsible for its distribution of passenger transport.

3) responsible for long-distance transport road transport independent, that is, when economic distance of over 300 km motor transport, or when economic transportation distance is short, but based on the need, often by the vehicle responsible for the long-distance transport.

In short, at close range, small quantities of passenger and freight transport and water transport, rail transport is difficult to reach the long-distance area, bulk cargo, as well as railways, water transport advantages difficult to play short-distance transport, the road transport plays an important role.

Publish Date:2018-05-08