Air Transport

Loading Standard

1) the carrier can determine the maximum weight and package size can be collected and transported goods pursuant to the route used by specific models as well as the departure station, transit station, the destination airport handling equipment, handling capacity

2) the packaging of each piece of cargo length, width, height and the size of not less than 40 centimeter.

3) the unit of measurement of goods gross weight is 0.1 kg, 0.5 kg billing unit of weight in order to calculate, less than 0.5 kg, 0.5 kg basis, more than 0.5 kilograms less than one kilogram of press one kilogram calculation.

4) light cargo equivalent to 1 kg per 6000 cubic centimeter.

Choose a large volume weight calculated as standard

Prohibited goods by air

In accordance with international standards in force, namely the ICAO "Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Technical Instructions" and IATA (IATA) "dangerous goods rules" air transport activities of dangerous goods according to the type can be divided into the following nine categories:

  • explosives
  • gas
  • flammable liquids and flammable solids
  • spontaneously combustible materials and water release gaseous material
  • oxidizers and peroxides
  • toxic and infectious substances
  • radioactive material
  • corrosive substances
  • miscellaneous dangerous goods

Depending on the degree of risk of hazardous substances, hazardous materials can be divided into passenger aircraft can carry dangerous goods, only the transport of dangerous goods cargo aircraft, under normal circumstances, prohibit the transport of dangerous goods in the countries concerned, but special exemptions can be carried, and In any case prohibited the transport of dangerous goods.

These dangerous goods in both its obvious risk of various types of chemical products, there are also common in everyday life easy to overlook the danger of public goods, such as perfumes, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electrical appliances, as well as through special means fresh seafood, Even some animals, fruits under special circumstances also have some risk. With the continuous development of society, the kind of dangerous goods is still increasing.

Special Provisions air

1) Where to humans, animals and plants harmful bacteria, other microorganisms contaminated media products, and by the Civil Aviation Administration shall be specially approved carrier.

2) Where the artificial manufacture, extraction, aseptic processing vaccines, vaccine, antibiotics, serum and other biological products, such as the shipper to provide a sterile, non-toxic that can be general cargo carriers.

3) harmful microorganisms and biological products warehousing, transportation should stay away from foods.

4) Plants and plant products transportation required for the shipper at the county level (inclusive) or more effective plant quarantine department issued a "phytosanitary certificate."

5) The shipper requires urgent transport of goods, the carrier agreed to, can apply for urgent transport, courier shipping fee in accordance with regulations.

6) Ashes should be placed in a closed plastic bag or other sealed container, plus wooden box, the outermost layer of cloth packaging.

Transport flight in transport, chartered transport, on consignment, urgent mail.

Publish Date:2018-05-08